The Fitting Process

Our staff strives to give you the most friendly and comfortable service during your fitting process. This guide is designed to prepare you for what to expect during your fitting.

     The process begins when you call or come in to schedule your appointment. We answer any preliminary questions you may have, and guide you through what you should bring to your fittings.

     On the day of your appointment, please show up five to ten minutes earlier than your scheduled time, so that we can check you in and get some information from you.

     Our receptionist or fitting specialist will then take you back to a fitting room. We will have you change into your dress at that point in our curtained dressing room. Our fitting specialist can help you clasp your bra, lace corsets, zip or lace up your dress, and help you get into your attire.

     Next, the fitting happens. To get maximum accuracy of our measurements, we use straight and safety pins on your dress while you stand on the pedestal in the fitting room. The pins should not poke you if you use reasonable caution.

     After the appointment is done, you may take pictures of your gown if desired, and then get changed while your fitting specialist takes your invoice out front. You will leave the gown in the fitting room, and our staff will take care of the rest!

     We meet you out front with an invoice to discuss further fittings or pickup date. At that point, you may pay for part or all of the charges invoiced, and our receptionist or fitting specialist will answer any further questions you may have.

And that's it! Our number one goal is to make you feel comfortable and beautiful!

If you have any questions about the fitting process, please call us at 509-325-0111.